Portland Square Dental Practice offers the wide range of dental treatments that you would expect from a traditional dentist.

We have a modern approach to protection, prevention, oral care and cosmetic procedures for all ages.



At heart, we’re a family business and our practice is built on providing dental care and services to all ages from across Carlisle and north Cumbria.

We believe that mouth health starts early and we enjoy working with children and young people to establish good habits that will make teeth last a lifetime.



Looking after your teeth, gums and mouth is the best way to stay healthy with strong teeth.

Regular check-ups and excellent hygiene will help you to prevent problems and enjoy good dental wellbeing.

“It’s important to see preventative care as a vital part of what we do. Anyone can have a problem with tooth decay but the right habits and cleaning from childhood can make all the difference.”

Irina Ciobanu


When things go wrong, you want immediate care and expert treatment and that’s what we offer. Whether for your own teeth, for dentures, crowns, implants or bridges, we can usually fix the problem on our premises and under the care of our team. We also offer a muscle stimulation treatment for those suffering from severe snoring or sleep apnoea.

We only complete white fillings (no amalgam) and would work with a local provider for any extraction work requiring a general anaesthetic.



From veneers and binding to cosmetic orthodontics (braces) and teeth whitening, we offer a full range of adult cosmetic dental treatments and can make referrals for young people’s orthodontic work.

Talk to us about what’s possible and have confidence in your teeth and how they look.

Portland Square Dental Practice

7 Portland Square, Carlisle CA1 1PY

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